Our Strengths

Organizing quality programs is our priority.

Therefore, we pay particular attention to three essential points :

1 Safety first

  • Our counselors are certified teachers from the French state educational system and state-certified sports coaches.
  • We maintain higher mentoring ratios than those set down by law ( one responsible adult to 6 children, instead of 1 to 12).
  • We strictly adhere to the rules and regulations of the Ministry for Youth and Sports.
  • We ensure the security of the camp's environment

2 Discovery

  • Exploring and discovering a natural, cultural and human environment.
  • Learning about new sports.
  • Expanding our knowledge.
  • Experiencing an unprecedented and eye-opening adventure.

3 Promoting personal development

  • A team of pedagogues, trained to listen as well as to teach, supports the children to make them feel secure, both morally and emotionally
  • Giving each individual child full attention and care.
  • Sharing privileged moments.
  • The child bolsters his personality by exploring new venues.